December 11, 2017

Design and Build

Repair/Repaint/Install vendors must hold valid licenses and insurances to include:

Contractor License, EPA Renovator License, Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance

Certification of a fire escape must be submitted to the AHJ by a Design Professional or a licensed/certified Fire Escape Inspector registered in your state and cannot be submitted to the AHJ by the Repairs Vendor.



Conversions from wood to steel require drawings before fabrication and installation of the new system.  Code upgrades may not apply to existing egress conditions.

Rarely, a steel (iron) fire escape is completely replaced.  Full restorations are more cost effective than replacement.


Fire Escape Replacement


Replacement Fire Escape – Wood to Steel




New build fire escapes are sometimes allowed on buildings.  Local building or fire codes determine egress specifications.  Drawings are required and must be approved by the AHJ before fabrication and installation.


New Build Fire Escape