December 11, 2017

Fire Escape Repainting

Let us explain the process…


Repair/Repaint/Install vendors must hold valid licenses and insurances to include:

Contractor License, EPA Renovator License, Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance

Certification of a fire escape must be submitted to the AHJ by a Design Professional or a licensed/certified Fire Escape Inspector registered in your state and cannot be submitted to the AHJ by the Repairs Vendor.



EPA Lead Paint guidelines apply on all Fire Escapes installed before 1978 which require Vendors to hold an EPA Renovator’s License in order to work on a Leaded Fire Escape. For more details on these guidelines, please click here

Minor repairs by owner/agent – mostly paint issues

Spot Paint 

Full Paint


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How to self inspect a fire escape…



5 Steps to Certification



Fire Escape Load Testing